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Global Perspectives on Small Business Social Responsibility

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Recommended books


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Spence, L. J., Frynas, J. G., Muthuri, J. and Navare, J. (eds) (forthcoming 2017) Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility: Global Perspectives, Edward Elgar. Call for papers.


Recommended articles


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Recommended websites


The European Commission online resources on CSR among SMEs:

International Organizations for Standardization (ISO) guidelines for SMEs:

Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidance for first time reporters:

International Labour Organization (ILO) helpdesk:–en/index.htm

SME-specific Transparency International guide for countering bribery:

Promoting Social Responsibility in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises training toolkit:

A social responsibility guide for one-person enterprises:

Future SME quick diagnostic tool: