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Global Perspectives on Small Business Social Responsibility

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Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility: Global perspectives

Edited by Laura J. Spence, Jedrzej George Frynas, Judy Muthuri and Jyoti Navare


Small Business Social Responsibility has become a more mature field of research after some ten years or more of research in the ethics and CSR literatures which addresses this topic. The purpose of this Edward Elgar Handbook is to compile the ultimate collection of high quality research by key authors on the topic and to make a substantive contribution to the future study of the topic. Above all, this handbook is genuinely global in nature and will prioritise developing country perspectives which have been neglected in the literature until recently.

We will seek both theoretical and empirical contributions from key relevant authors from around the world, providing truly global perspectives on this topic. We welcome indications of interest from scholars. A key purpose of our book is to integrate developing and developed country, and cross-disciplinary approaches to Small Business Responsibility.

Draft Table of Content

Foreword by Edward Freeman

Part One: Setting the Scene

Introduction, chapters on theoretical perspectives and developed/developing country comparisons.

Part Two: Governance and ownership

Chapters on issues related to governance, institutional frameworks and ownership types.

Part Three: SMEs within supply chains

Chapters on issues related to supply chains, relationships between large and small firms or related issues.

Part Four: Social Entrepreneurship

Chapters related to social entrepreneurship, not-for-profit organizations or related issues. 

Part Five: Responsible Finance

Chapters on issues related to SME financing, financial institutions or related issues.

Part Six: Sectoral focus

Chapters that explore industry specific issues and sectoral case studies