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ESRC Seminar Series

CSR among SMEs from developing/emerging economies

We are passionate about Small Business Social Responsibility (SBSR) and we have come together to organise a series of one-day seminars entitled ‘Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) from developing/emerging economies’, which is generously funded by UK’s Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). The seminar series brings together key authors and practitioners on the topic and it hopes to make a substantive contribution to our understanding of the topic.

Our first seminar was appropriately held in Africa at the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) conference in Botswana, and five further events are taking place in the UK in 2014 and 2015. Our seminars cover a range of relevant topics, including SMEs within supply chains, social entrepreneurship and finance.

Based on the seminar series, a Research Handbook on Small Business Social Responsibility will be published by Edward Elgar. Please read the call for papers. The deadline for chapter submissions is 31 July 2015.

We hope to interact with more researchers and practitioners from around the world, so please make sure that your e-mail address is on our mailing list by contacting us.

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